Since 1998, Bulk Atlantic Inc has focused on Dry Bulk Chartering. Our specialized knowledge has led us to provide fast, flexible, trustworthy, and competitive services to our valued clients worldwide. Bulk Atlantic Inc operates vessels of various sizes from Handy up to Panamax size and offers tailor-made tramp and liner services.

We build strong bridges between shippers, traders, and receivers to safely and efficiently transport their cargoes, spot the most suitable vessel for the required shipment and procure tonnage from wide range of well-known, reputable shipowners.

Our business model diversifies into the Atlantic and Pacific areas, and each experienced team dedicates itself to serving its clients for their ships and/or cargoes in their own geographical area. However, our teams always communicate and exchange information between each other to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

We always feel responsible for climate, environment, and sustainability. Thus, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint in line with IMO’s new carbon emission standards by expanding our fleet with only environmentally friendly 'super eco' design ships.

We are always looking for ambitious individuals to join our team.

Please feel free to send us your CV with a cover letter.